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Fiberlicious week


It has been a totally fibre mad time.

Japanese fibre artist join the Kingston spinners Feb 2013

Japanese fibre artist join the Kingston spinners Feb 2013

Kingston Spinners welcomed a small group of Japanese visitors on Tuesday, adding an extra date to our calendar to accommodate a busy schedule for the visitors. Well done Kingston folk, you turned out brilliantly, and the show and tell was phenomenal.

The table was groaning with scarves, shawls, jumpers, socks, wraps, booties, beanies, dyed wool tops, bags, neckwarmers, lace knitting, dyed batts, raw sheep fleece and the list goes on. Let’s move on to the next table – abundant with scones jam and cream, cinnamon muffin’lets, sandwiches, strawberry cake and more again!

Our visitors proudly showed their spinning, weaving & knitting; there were many simply stunning silk pieces – scarves, drapes, vests all very expertly dyed. Indigo & cochineal were two that I recall producing great hues of blue and red/pink. Very nice skeins of spun alpaca and spun wool. We are fortunate to be able to exchange ideas and skills with each other.

Later we greeted a group of Japanese fibre artists here at Rivervale, and the alpacas showed just how loveable they can be when faced with a bucket of chopped apple! Elvis led the way showing Tessa, Rasberry and the others that it was perfectly fine to accept apple from visitors. Mathew and Chester were more reserved, Zena and Zoe and ZsaZsa quickly warmed to things, Zeke did his watch and wait act, and the babies Zim, Zulu, Zia and Zephyr kept their distance, watching their Mums but not quite plucking up the courage to be hand fed. We left the alpacas to their munching while we all moved into the garden and helped ourselves to prune plums, damson plums and then a cup of tea with almond biscotti dipped in white chocolate.

A beautiful handwoven silk shawl - indigo dyed stripes

A beautiful handwoven silk shawl – indigo dyed stripes

Moving into the studio we shared our alpaca fibre with those that wanted some, and I had some advice from Haruko about her scarf woven so beautifully with the open float squares and indigo stripes. I can’t imagine warping up the many hundreds of silk threads to produce such fine work. We inspected the Peruvian weavings Brian and I bought this year, and photos were taken.

At the Bothwell International Highland SpinIN 2013 we spent time with our Japanese fibre friends – there was spinning art yarn, weaving beanies, weaving silk, watching and enjoying tea ceremony – a busy and fun time.

The Notorious - a Spanish/Portuguese caravelle docked in Franklin, Tasmania

The Notorious – a Spanish/Portuguese caravelle docked in Franklin, Tasmania

In between fibre time Brian and I went down to Franklin to see the varied boats alongside. The Notorious is a Spanish/Portuguese Caravelle built as it would have been centuries ago. A beautiful piece of floating craftsmanship it was such a delight to go aboard and talk awhile with Felicitte. Then around to see Maurice on the much more modern houseboat The Stella – what a work of art, a live-aboard with EVERY luxury of home. A musician at heart, Maurice played the autoharp for us, and that evening he and some of his brothers and sisters were hosted on the Hobart Community Radio – what a treat.

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Mt Field Busy Bee


We made a nice early start for Mt Field National Park on Saturday. The weather just perfect, the journey over the Plenty River uninterrupted by any other traffic, and onto the National Park Centre’s Cafe for a coffee before the 16km drive up the mountain to the gorgeous Lake Dobson and the Wellington Ski Hut, of which we are members. Busy Bee day, painting and general doing to be done and so we pitched in with a few others and got on with it. Brian painted the lake end of the hut while I was general worrier and ladder holder. We walked the gorgeous Pandani trail around the small lake while we waited for others, it is a magical walk not captured well by my photos.