Messing about in boats



We used to mess about in boats, a lot. (Brian used to mess about in boats for his job of work, an enjoyable workplace environment in the Pilbara of Western Australia.) But for leisure we also took to the water, the wonderful waters of the Dampier Archipelago – a group of about 40 islands in reasonably protected waters that abounded with corals and fish of all varieties. We have had sailor trailers, trimaran, speed boats and kayaks. We’ve nosed up to the bright white beachy sands of deserted islands, dived overboard and snorkelled with the wildlife, beach-combed then back on board for a sundowner, all in delightful tropical warm waters. One of life’s great joys is to fall asleep on a gently rocking, soundly moored boat, and wake to the sunrise glistening over water.

Since moving to Tasmania we have restricted ourselves to kayaks. And 30 acres of land and stock and gardens has kept us very busy so we haven’t investigated the waters of Tasmania. Occasionally I visit friends in Birches Bay, and the ocean view from their verandah tugs at my emotions. And now we have enjoyed the waters of the Huon channel on board The Verna. The sound of the water rushing past the bow, the sunlight sparkling off the water, the blue sky streaked with white clouds, the sight of wood and nautical stuff on board – is it a turning point? Boats for sale in the marina – has one got our name on it?

Enjoy the pics, I enjoyed snapping them!

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