Hobart – made for walking


I often park a LONG way from where I need to be when I go up to the city, within reason of course. Usually I have several things to do in Hobart on the one journey, so I park at the place I will end up with the heaviest load, and walk to all the other places if they are within approximately 3km of the car.

The walk from Hobart CBD to Battery Point can be taken several ways and I delight in taking a different approach each time, so I get to ‘discover’ a new street, lane-way, building or whatever. Almost always tho’ I try to include a stroll through St David’s Park, it has gorgeous statues, rotunda, lawns, shade trees and the very necessary clean comfort rooms. But back to my walks to Battery Point – I once came across Preacher’s Bar in the previously named Sailors Cottage so we went there yesterday to enjoy lunch. Great outdoor furniture – looked like wooden pallets sawn in half then rejoined at right angles to form hardy outdoor seats – add a few cushions and painted artwork – brilliant! And great retro vinyl discs to reminisce over in the dining rooms. Further into Battery Point I spied a wall plaque and given the nature of the area immediately assumed it was a previous cottage of reknown. Nup, was reliably informed upon close inspection that NOTHING important happened there, fantastic that someone would go to so much effort to place a quality sign telling me nothing happened. I love that. Having walked by Narryna Heritage Museum several times I took the opportunity to ask for an information guide so we can plan a visit on another day.

Finally at my destination – the Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild of Tasmania yarn store – I made my purchase of dyes for a day of coloured mayhem at home.

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