Rudyard Kipling


Recently I visited Bateman , the home and estate of Mr Kipling and his wife. It is in the lovely village of Burwash in Sussex, all 300 acres of it. Kipling purchased the house because it was 16th century and hadn’t been modernised, and he didn’t change it either. His death preceded that of his wife, and on her death she bequeathed it to the English National Trust, along with the entire estate, house and contents.

Fiercely protective of her husband she had windows in her study that looked down at the front door, no-one was invited in unless they had her approval. And how he must have worked, I had no idea of the amount of written word he produced. I feel compelled to seek out and read more of his works.

It occurs  to me that Rudyard is a strange name for a baby!

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