A Walk in the Hartz


Hartz National Park is a small glaciated alpine park featuring an easily accessible dolerite peak, Hartz Peak, and Father’s Day 2013 dawned just right for a walk. Andrea, Nick, I and Brian set off full of energy, good clothing and packs of food.

Brian and Nick encouraged me to keep going when the going got tough, and I am so pleased they did, standing on that peak felt so good.

The boys teed off the peak with a 6-iron which was a lot of fun. I logged on and played some scrabble against my sister, and yay, I WON. Tea and fruit and sandwiches, camera swaps with other peak’ers, phone calls made, then we headed back down. The 1255metre down trek was a tad easier than the upward trek.

The scenery was brilliant, not that I knew all the peaks I was viewing in the distance. The tarns, lakes, streams, foliage of the Hartz are wondrous.  Here is a link with great information about this walk, and others nearby.

2 responses

  1. Val,

    Such a beautiful part of the world, haven’t been there before.

    cheers Lynne

  2. it was a tough’ish walk for me, a few parts have the ‘too near the edge this high factor’