A busy time


Had the enormous pleasure to join the team of helpers at Ringrove Shearing. I love travelling up each year, I take my camp bed and set up on the jasmine-draped verandah of the cottage. Surrounded by shorn sheep as the days go by, it is great to see sheep and lambs keeping tabs on each other, re-finding each other after they have been separated for the shearing. Hundreds of lovely fleeces went through my hands, colour sorted and baled, or weighed and bagged to sell to crafters locally. It is gorgeous fleece.

I wove 2 small rugs for Munchkin and Pumpkin and smartly mailed them off to the UK so they would have cosy little floor rugs as the winter approached. Julie made time from her winning ways at Golf to let me know how much Pumpkin was enjoying hers.

Off to the Royal Hobart Show where I had the pleasure of seeing many a fine alpaca fleece, then on to marvel at the array of fine merino fleeces where I bumped into the spinners from New Norfolk. The show day we picked, Wednesday, was fine and sunny, so we enjoyed the equestrian events, sideshow alley and the fine food on offer.

Melbourne Cup – what can I say, yet again I managed to back the horse that didn’t win. We had a lot of fun with the neighbours and friends of She Oak Road. Fabulous company and fine food.

As the work continues to make the Fukushima area safe I worry about my friends in Japan, and also those in the USA and Canada. I found some interesting forecasts and concerns raised by others. Here is a pdf of the snippets I have been reading, fallout words and a forecast map of what could happen is in the graphics below. I can only hope the removal of the fuel rods goes well.

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