What a fabulous place the Huon Valley is! Our crazy cool but wet and occasionally warm spring weather has morphed into crazy and cold and wet but occasionally warm summer weather, and happily the vegetable garden seems to LOVE the weather. We will be eating fresh, clean, organic fruit and vegetables throughout summer, safe in the knowledge that our excess of any one thing can be swapped with friends and neighbours for equally safe and tasty produce. We even have enough to share with the parrots, snails and insects that are already eyeing off the tender new growth. At the moment we are growing; sunflowers, spinach, snow peas, broad beans, purple climber beans, lettuce varieties x 4, tomato varieties x 6, apples, plumcots, mulberries, nashi, cherry, apricot, plum x 3, pear, beetroot, zucchini, sweetcorn, squash, runner bean, chive, spring onion, and a variety of herbs.

When we were travelling in Quebec the Wendak Indians introduced us to the Three Sisters concept. Plant a squash, corn and bean together and they will assist each other. The squash leaves keep the soil shaded and moist in summer, the corn stalk provides the support for the bean. So I planted out 15 plots of this, and I have about a 70% success rate in germination, (thanks snails for munching some of my tender sisters before they got going!!!)

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