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I love my Library


Two things I have decided on this year,

  1. I will learn more about, and view, aurora. Living in Southern Tasmania I would be crazy to miss this astonishing and free nature show! So I joined the Facebook group Aurora Australis Tasmania and met two wonderful people on the first night I went out a’watching!
  2. I will catalogue my library of books to achieve several goals. Those goals are a) … clean my books and library shelves; b) … remind myself of those books that have been untouched for far too long; c) … put order where there was none; d) … make a list of re-reads and e) … cull.

Well I have made a start on the first, and am confident that throughout the year I will indeed view aurora.

I have COMPLETED a, b, c, and e of the second! It was a lot of fun rediscovering many of my much loved books. I usually write in the front cover the date and place I acquire a book, and so I have had a fantastic trip down memory lane. I have quite a selection to re-read, I managed to cull 32 books out of a remaining 534 books, and I really enjoyed exploring some of the artwork on the covers. And I re-enjoyed so many dedications Рfrom personally known authors, from friends and family where the book was a gift, from the occasional book signing I attended. I encourage you, when gifting a book, to make it personal to the recipient, it gives again each time the book is opened and read. If you want to see my odd collection of books have a look here.

Some of the covers:

Matthew Robinson’s Cancer Fund


I don’t personally know Matthew, but I know his mother and two of his siblings and will support this endeavour.

The graphic is linked to the site for information and donations.

Click the graphic to go to the site.

Click the graphic to go to the site.



New Year ~ New Weed bin


Wow, it is going to be a fabulous year! We have hay stacked ready for winter, (and the next winter, and the next!), the cows have been playing with Andromeda and will almost certainly bring forth gorgeous calves in September, the alpacas are already growing their new coats and we have a NEW WEED BIN!

To make room in the vegetable garden the weed bin has been demolished and a new one built, today, in the adjoining area. More user friendly, I can now add to it from either the house garden area or the vegetable garden area or the alpaca run. The dirt we made in the old bin, just 4 years of composting weeds, prunings etc etc, is fantastic. The photo below doesn’t do it any justice, it is rich moist dirt ready to plump up the vegetable garden, and full of red wriggly worms.

So the second day of our new year has been very productive; next project, replace the driveway posts and make some garden beds at the entrance.