Studio Time


A good morning’s work ahead in the studio. The length of twill is still progressing, nearly a metre done now. I like how the reverse is so different to the working face. the warp is hand dyed sock yarn and the weft is black huacaya alpaca which I am madly spinning as I go, I am only 1 shuttle ahead at the moment.

I have set up a loom for Judbury Crafters to have a go at weaving without the stress of threading up. Folk can try their hand at weaving, or test out design and colour with the threading I have done, which is 123432123432 This gives diamonds, pointed twill, plain under and over – and more to explore.

Bobbins ready to go. Fluorescent green alpaca with some orange silk and purple mohair; one bobbin of alpaca dyed in the 2nd lake of rhubarb root; two bobbins of green alpaca carded with fawn and brown alpaca – my mint chocolate special.



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  1. That pattern sure looks familiar. Wish I knew the names for them all like you do. I have The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory winging its way to me as I type. Maybe that will help.