Bags – lotsa bags!

My stack of bags!

My stack of bags!

I have been having fun weaving bags. It has been fun because A) it was a new project and easily adapted to play with differing forms, and B) because each bag is quick to make and requires minimum post weaving work and  C) because I have a NEW LOOM to play with and lotsa bags was a great way to learn the loom’s joys. It is a Majacraft Dynamic Rigid Heddle and I LOVE IT.

The original bag was patterned on a Saki-ori design in a book gifted to me by Haruko last time she was in Tasmania. I will see Haruko in Tokyo so I thought it would be nice to weave at least one bag from the book of patterns – and one thing led to another and another and another………. you get the picture.

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  1. thank you, they are super fun and I really got a good handle on that loom now. I am glad I didn’t buy the stand, my ‘hospital tray table’ works brilliantly.

  2. Looks like you’ve been having fun. Do the bags have a seam at the bottom? I’m trying to work out how they come together and that’s my best guess.

  3. Yes, seamed at the bottom and along both side edges from the bottom until the mark level with the beginning of the split for straps. I had thought of tube weaving the bag to eliminate the side seams, but that means also tube seaming the straps and using 4 shafts.