Indigo fun


More fun with Indigo and Friends. During a delightful day at Joy’s place I dyed a shirt that was stitch resisted over a few nights at home. I tried to have the front and reverse morph into each other as a mirror image. It was fun thinking thru the detail and almost getting it right! I also had two little wrapping cloths I purchased in Arimatsu, Japan that had been bound and dyed and were still tied in the resist. So I over-resisted them and put them thru the Indigo, I love the result. Also in Japan I had purchased a silk bath towel from the Yokohama silk museum so I resist stitched that before going into the Indigo vat – the result is a great table runner.

At guild, under Joy’s guidance, we made individual mini-indigo vats and I am pleased to say I have managed to keep mine healthy and the result is 4 table napkins that began life as nice little hankies gifted to me over recent years and still unused.

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