Sun Dyes, I am HOOKED


Thanks to the HandWeavers Spinners and Dyers Guild of Tasmania (HWSDG) recently hosting a Sun Dyes on Silk workshop attended by some of my friends, then Cathy showing off her work at Judbury Crafters, I stepped into the world of Sun Dyes. And hooley dooley it is a lot of fun.

I had a play around at home today with a bunch of tea towels I had laying in wait in the studio for just such a moment. I learnt heaps.

Heavy thin objects are fabulous; Lawn isn’t such a good base, a solid even surface would have been optimal; Leaves are great but would be better to be able to weigh them down flat against the fabric; Chains are best done when midday sun is overhead and casts least shadow, ditto for objects that are high like my alpaca fibreglass shapes, You don’t need much dye to have a lot of fun.

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