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Weaving – at Poatina 2015


What a simply fabulous weekend I had with friends weaving in Poatina at the base of the Great Western Tiers in Tasmania. Originally a ‘hydro village’ the town is now owned by Fusion and provides a variety of community services to residents and tourists alike. It is a fabulous place for organisations to gather, easy to walk around from place to place, great accommodation and great food at The Chalet Motel. The staff at the village could not have been more helpful and friendly. And don’t forget the fabulous tea-rooms, art gallery and op shop.

Meeting fellow weavers on Friday we all gathered for dinner before venturing into the workshop space to hear Pat Jones tell us what to expect over the coming days. With Gerlinde’s ‘gophering help’ Pat led us thru crafting seersucker fabric and then towelling fabric using 4-shaft looms. When my loom had a catastrophic breakdown Gerlinde was at the ready with cord string and soon had me re-beamed and weaving in style.

An added bonus was sharing the village with the Quilter’s on their retreat, and enjoying their show’n’tell session.

I drove up via the Ashby and Macquarie roads off the Midland Highway, enjoying the company of wombats, echidnas, swooping birds of prey and deer, then chose the alternate route home via the Great Lakes and Bothwell. It made for a great journey loop. I am already looking forward to Poatina 2016!

Friday Forays May 2015


Friday Foray #8 Nostalgia Day in Perth, Western Australia;  8 May 2015.

Walk: From Perth City Train Station to Perth City Train Station.

Food: Lunch at Sassella’s Bar & Bistro.

In Perth on a Friday with time to myself, perfect walking weather and a yearning to reacquaint with old favourites I took a bus into Perth City and set out to reminisce and re-explore. Starting with Breakfast at Miss Maud’s in the Carillion centre, I am sure it hasn’t changed a bit in 2 decades. Miss Maud’s is a Perth institution by now, first opened in 1971. With a hearty breakfast of Oats-So-Nice & Coffee I headed on under Trinity Arcade and down to the esplanade via Supreme Ct Gardens. The gardens are on land reclaimed from river shallows in 1903 and planted out in the 1920’s. Oh dear, the esplanade to the right of Barrack st is an industrial site as the Elizabeth Quay is developed, and looking back onto the city skyline is a spiky jagged experience; where has the soft Perth skyline gone? 😦

Undaunted I took the path along the river towards Heirisson Island, having fun looking thru the rowing shed, running along the sandstone walls and being happy to see the stands of palm trees preserved and still growing tall. Cutting back through Supreme Ct Gardens again I stopped off at the old, original Court House, where you can still sit in the jurors box, the bar or any of the judges chairs and dress up in gowns and wigs if you want to. This is Perth’s oldest public building, commissioned by Governor Stirling and opened on Good Friday in 1837. Read about it, and other old buildings of Perth, here.

With a quick stop to once again admire the sculptures on the edge of the Gardens on St George’s Terrace I hurried to meet my cousin Pam for lunch, she had chosen another Perth icon, Sassellas, and we enjoyed a great lunch together. Knowing I had a few hours of walking ahead of me I resisted the champagne lure!

Very lazily I caught a bus up the hill to Kings Park, did you know it is larger than Central Park in NYC!  I spent a few hours walking around the Water Gardens where you can read many path plaques honouring West Australian Women’s groups, then a wander thru the various parts of the West Australian Botanic Garden. So nice to see the Boab trees thriving. A stop for a glass of bubbly to take in the view from the cafe was entirely necessary before a walk along Fraser avenue to look over the city and pick out favourite landmarks – all the while trying to ignore Perth’s now-spiky looking skyline. A wander down Mount Street then the pedestrian bridge over the freeway and all too soon I was back at the Station waiting to meet up with Roland and Jeni to take the bus back home. All up a 12km walk on a perfect sunny day in a city that is still dear to my heart.