A Friday Foray – on a SUNDAY!


Just love winter in Tasmania. Walked the North-South track on Mt Wellington on a cold, clear, sunny winter’s day; from The Springs to Tolosa Park. Didn’t meet another walker, met about 30 mountain bikers! Especially one guy who had built a special bike that his huskies pull as a training regime!  They are a Sled Dog group, looking for new members. Have a look here! As they say – a bad day’s Mushing beats a good day’s work!

Plenty of wallabies as I neared the end of my walk at Tolosa Park, but as for the rest of the 12km walk, almost no birds! I always expect to hear/see birds when I walk Mt Wellington east face, but they are rarely noticeable, why is that?


5 responses

  1. Love your blog. Looking forward to doing one of those walks with you when we come over. Must get fitter in the meantime. Birds have gone to somewhere warmer lol

  2. No off shore travel plans – just use my legs more, and get that kayak out more often! Travelling in 2017. Where to in August.