A Walk to Jam and Bread


Leaving our fog enshrined valley we ventured over the hill and along Sandfly road to find the Margate Rivulet Track bathed in sunshine. A nice little 4km ramble over and along the water, through paddocks and back along a road, to be re-nourished by Jam and Bread in Margate.

5 responses

  1. I revisited your blog and found the article on Rasma Druva, I too have a Druva floor loom and it will be with me forever, I love it. It was my first foot pedal loom, it is so well made for its purpose.

  2. It is almost an embarrassment. The Druva of course, which has wove many things now, small 4-shaft I found and rescued from a tip shop still with weaving and loaded shuttle, majacraft rigid heddle, Inkle loom, Saori 2 shaft, and about to gift my 4 shaft table loom to a friend. And I have those round knitting looms which I sometimes use to ‘weave’ the top of a beanie before I ‘knit’ the round side.

  3. I used to follow your blog and I realise now the link and avatar has disappeared from my blog, ditto licensed2tinker. Odd. I resubscribed to yours but no confirmatory email arrived.