A Walk Around Home


After a very windy night we took a stroll around the property to check on fences and water ways. Lots of snow surrounding our friend’s house high on the hill behind us, but no snow settled on our place.   😦

The Huon river is high but not threatening the banks, but it is the muddiest we have ever seen it. Our little waterways running thru the paddocks are really burbling along at a pace, and the fences needed only bark and twigs removed. Thankfully the only tree down is across the road, and it fell away from us, thank you Mother Nature.

The lambs next door seem to be enjoying the weather, getting frequent little nips of milk from Mum.


2 responses

  1. Wow you certainly had a lot of rain and strong wind, the hartz mountain would be looking fab if you have snow on the top of the paddocks across the road. We had another chilly start to today, been the coldest I can remember this time of the year. We have another cold front crossing tomorrow going to last a few days. going to make the most of it with the grandies today while the sun is shining, soon taking off to the skate park.

    Cheers Carol