Life in Tasmania is a heap of fun. Between 3 steers, 10 alpacas and 2 cats, along with 21 acres of land, we’re pretty busy. The Huon valley south of Hobart is a beautiful place. Seasonal life provides endless opportunities for the budding photographer and artist, the primary produce feeds us handsomely with fresh and wholesome food and the air is clear. Rainbows and wildlife abound. It is a great place to get on your bike and go exploring.

Check out my rides.

Random photos below give you a glimpse of the days of our lives.

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  1. Never mind V……………
    It may give you more time to get acquainted with your “Picker”! or “Weaving” or “Spinning” or “Dying” or ?? hoho

  2. Wow, Tasmania, isn’t blogging great that I am in the UK and you are so far away! Just replied to your query about Ignoring Gravity by e-mail, hope you got the message. SD

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