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A Day with the Queen and Roz


Big Big Thank you to Roz showing us around her workplace and dining us in style on the QM2 whilst in Hobart February 2017. We had a great time.


A Day In Hobart


Wandered the docks in Hobart to check out the Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2017. As usual it didn’t disappoint. Hundreds of wooden boats; big, small, working, pleasure, local, international – it is an amazing event. Then up town to see a movie, LION, and down to Blackman’s Bay for sustenance at Jack Loves Red. Love Tasmania.

Time with Mary


So great to have Mary stay awhile – we spent a bit of time out and about, and time just – being.

A Walk Into Perth


Into Perth CBD from Roland & Jeni’s place in Coolbinia, such a lot to explore along the way. Using Hyde Park as a welcome rest spot, then LAYUP as a welcome brunch spot, it was a day of exploring the fabulous bits and pieces of ordinary suburban life along the walk into the city. 4.7km of fun and interesting corners.

Rosny Farm to the Botanical Gardens


Lovely day out with Sally and Ann to explore the Rosny Farm before lunching at Succulent in the Botanical Gardens. Great cultural events under the umbrella of  Clarence Council.  Art Bikes on loan, let’s do that!


Hastings Thermal Springs, Tasmania


Winters day walk around the Lune River Plain after a few laps in the thermal springs pool, water temp 28C. The nice thing about walking on a rainy day is the colours that leap out in the green landscape. (However, the raindrops on the lens didn’t do me any favours.) Taking shelter beside the fire was a nice way to relax and watch the birdlife.


A Flood Around Home


Friday 15 July 2016, Snow last week, Floods this week; winter in the Huon isn’t dull. Photos don’t do it justice but in our 10 years here we haven’t seen this much water go past at a fast pace – complete with big logs hurtling by.