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A Flood Around Home


Friday 15 July 2016, Snow last week, Floods this week; winter in the Huon isn’t dull. Photos don’t do it justice but in our 10 years here we haven’t seen this much water go past at a fast pace – complete with big logs hurtling by.

A Walk Around Home


After a very windy night we took a stroll around the property to check on fences and water ways. Lots of snow surrounding our friend’s house high on the hill behind us, but no snow settled on our place.   😦

The Huon river is high but not threatening the banks, but it is the muddiest we have ever seen it. Our little waterways running thru the paddocks are really burbling along at a pace, and the fences needed only bark and twigs removed. Thankfully the only tree down is across the road, and it fell away from us, thank you Mother Nature.

The lambs next door seem to be enjoying the weather, getting frequent little nips of milk from Mum.


A Walk to Jam and Bread


Leaving our fog enshrined valley we ventured over the hill and along Sandfly road to find the Margate Rivulet Track bathed in sunshine. A nice little 4km ramble over and along the water, through paddocks and back along a road, to be re-nourished by Jam and Bread in Margate.

A Walk Close to Home


What a beautiful day for a walk – breezy, cool, and close to home, and a welcome escape from The Election!. Perfect. I joined Andrew on a walk up the hill behind their property, She Oak Hill I think it is called. Some terrific views across the valley, to the West and North, one wallaby, lots of wombat poo and a couple of nesting bush quails. And as we returned to Steve’s fantastic tea and muffins 4 eagles hovered overhead, magic. Thank you Andrew.

A Friday Foray – on a SUNDAY!


Just love winter in Tasmania. Walked the North-South track on Mt Wellington on a cold, clear, sunny winter’s day; from The Springs to Tolosa Park. Didn’t meet another walker, met about 30 mountain bikers! Especially one guy who had built a special bike that his huskies pull as a training regime!  They are a Sled Dog group, looking for new members. Have a look here! As they say – a bad day’s Mushing beats a good day’s work!

Plenty of wallabies as I neared the end of my walk at Tolosa Park, but as for the rest of the 12km walk, almost no birds! I always expect to hear/see birds when I walk Mt Wellington east face, but they are rarely noticeable, why is that?


WA in 2016


We enjoyed the most marvellous holiday in Western Australia in the Autumn of 2016. Surprising my Mum, and our son, we toured parts of the Southwest, went north to Jurien Bay and surrounds, and kicked up our heels in Perth catching up with friends and more family. (oh yes, and Brian painted a kitchen). After Tasmania we were struck yet again by how FLAT many parts of WA are. Weather gods were very kind to us, one day of wind and rain in 13 days, can’t do better than that.

Australia Day 2016 – Fun in Franklin


Lots of fun at Franklin on Australia Day. Fabulous to see our friend Shirley Tongs receive an Outstanding Volunteer Service Award from the Premier Will Hodgman and Mayor Peter Coad, a well-deserved accolade. Then onto messing about in boats as the Living Boat Trust encouraged children to build a paddle and get busy in rowing boats, what a great idea. There were rides in The Nancy accompanied by steamboats Lady Lavinia and Leprena. With the oval full of stalls, free food from the Bendigo Bank Team, and perfect weather, again the Huon Valley was just the right place to be!