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Hastings Thermal Springs, Tasmania


Winters day walk around the Lune River Plain after a few laps in the thermal springs pool, water temp 28C. The nice thing about walking on a rainy day is the colours that leap out in the green landscape. (However, the raindrops on the lens didn’t do me any favours.) Taking shelter beside the fire was a nice way to relax and watch the birdlife.


Friday Foray August 2015


Friday Foray #10 Kingston Beach to Shot Tower, and return;  20 August 2015.

Walk: The Alum Cliffs trail, part of the Greater Hobart Trails.

Food: Lunch at The Shot Tower Cafe.

Valeri, Peter and Bruni set off on a fabulous winter’s day and ambled along the Kingston Beach foreshore to give Bruni a run before taking to the trail. It is a great walk; lots of water views, different foliage and bushland, some great back yards and then an AWFUL descent and ascent to The Shot Tower.

A reviver of the most delicious fare with a brilliant cup of tea before tackling that horrible ravine to get back to the trail, but worth every knee-wrenching step. The smells of the bush along the way are delightful.

Friday Foray July 2015


Friday Foray #9 Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and then Corning Museum of Glass;  17 July 2015.

Walk: The trail to view Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Tioga County, Pennsylvania: The miles of glass displays at Corning Museum of Glass, NY State.

Food: Brunch at The Native Bagel; Dinner at The Crooked Rooster Pub in Watkins Glen, NY State

What a day! Brian and I drove to Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, to walk some of the Pennsylvanian Grand Canyon. It certainly is a spectacle and on reflection possibly one of the most stunning autumn walks to be found. We didn’t quite get to the river at the bottom, another time. Fortified by brunch at the Native Bagel back in town we put some miles on the car and turned up in Corning, NY State to visit the Corning Museum of Glass. Expecting to see a staid exhibit about Pyrex dishes (and there was a tower of 638 pyrex dishes), we were astounded by the museum. Possibly one of the best Glass museums in the world, with exhibits going back to the beginning of time. Contemporary works, old Italian works, Egyptian glass, Roman glass, glass fused by mother nature – put this museum on YOUR list.

Driving on we ended up at Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes region of NY State, a magical place. Home of motor car racing for many years, we found the Stirling Moss Plaque not far from our hotel. Next day we walked the 19 waterfalls circuit that begins right in town – it is a stunning way to spend a few hours, and offers many paths crisscrossed though, over, under and by waterfalls and chasms.

Friday Forays May 2015


Friday Foray #8 Nostalgia Day in Perth, Western Australia;  8 May 2015.

Walk: From Perth City Train Station to Perth City Train Station.

Food: Lunch at Sassella’s Bar & Bistro.

In Perth on a Friday with time to myself, perfect walking weather and a yearning to reacquaint with old favourites I took a bus into Perth City and set out to reminisce and re-explore. Starting with Breakfast at Miss Maud’s in the Carillion centre, I am sure it hasn’t changed a bit in 2 decades. Miss Maud’s is a Perth institution by now, first opened in 1971. With a hearty breakfast of Oats-So-Nice & Coffee I headed on under Trinity Arcade and down to the esplanade via Supreme Ct Gardens. The gardens are on land reclaimed from river shallows in 1903 and planted out in the 1920’s. Oh dear, the esplanade to the right of Barrack st is an industrial site as the Elizabeth Quay is developed, and looking back onto the city skyline is a spiky jagged experience; where has the soft Perth skyline gone? 😦

Undaunted I took the path along the river towards Heirisson Island, having fun looking thru the rowing shed, running along the sandstone walls and being happy to see the stands of palm trees preserved and still growing tall. Cutting back through Supreme Ct Gardens again I stopped off at the old, original Court House, where you can still sit in the jurors box, the bar or any of the judges chairs and dress up in gowns and wigs if you want to. This is Perth’s oldest public building, commissioned by Governor Stirling and opened on Good Friday in 1837. Read about it, and other old buildings of Perth, here.

With a quick stop to once again admire the sculptures on the edge of the Gardens on St George’s Terrace I hurried to meet my cousin Pam for lunch, she had chosen another Perth icon, Sassellas, and we enjoyed a great lunch together. Knowing I had a few hours of walking ahead of me I resisted the champagne lure!

Very lazily I caught a bus up the hill to Kings Park, did you know it is larger than Central Park in NYC!  I spent a few hours walking around the Water Gardens where you can read many path plaques honouring West Australian Women’s groups, then a wander thru the various parts of the West Australian Botanic Garden. So nice to see the Boab trees thriving. A stop for a glass of bubbly to take in the view from the cafe was entirely necessary before a walk along Fraser avenue to look over the city and pick out favourite landmarks – all the while trying to ignore Perth’s now-spiky looking skyline. A wander down Mount Street then the pedestrian bridge over the freeway and all too soon I was back at the Station waiting to meet up with Roland and Jeni to take the bus back home. All up a 12km walk on a perfect sunny day in a city that is still dear to my heart.

Friday Forays April 2015


Friday Foray #7 Tall Trees Walk, Mt Field;  24 April 2015.

Walk: From Tall Trees walk entrance on Mt Field road to the Waterfall Cafe.

Food: Lunch at Waterfall Cafe.

I was lucky to do a Friday walk with Japanese friends Hiroko N, Hiroko K, Shigemi, Yukiko, Kazuko, Harumi, Setsuko, Misa and Hisako. What a glorious day to be out and about in Tasmania. Through the striking autumn colours of the Derwent Valley we drove onto Mt Field to register with the Parks & Wildlife officer before we drove up to the beginning of the Tall Trees Walk. It was beautiful. There were indeed many tall trees, tall ferns, moss covered logs, swimming trout, Pademelons, and laughter and chatter as Carrie, Masako and I joined the 9 Japanese visitors of the Belle Nature Group to walk down past Horseshoe Falls and Russell Falls to the Parks centre.

After a fabulous lunch of chunky vegetable soup, smoked salmon toasted sandwiches and to-die-for chocolate ice-cream we ventured on over Meadowbank Lake to Curringa Farm. What a tour! Adrian, Mark and Jane made us so welcome and topped us up with a scrumptious afternoon tea of just-baked scones, raspberry jam and cream, Princess Mary Cake and tea/coffee.


Friday Foray #6 Cascade Walking Track;  17 April 2015, one of the Greater Hobart Trails.

Walk: from Behind Silos at Cascade Brewery to end of Cascade Walking Track then down the Old Farm Road to Cascade Brewery.

Food: Snack at Cascade Visitor Centre Cafe & Restaurant

Valeri, Brian, Sally, Rod & Thyme had a fabulous walk along the Cascade Walking Track. So well maintained and signposted, weather perfect for walking, wallabies and birds to spot along the way, it was a magic day for meandering around Mt Wellington’s edges. Good on Cascade and the Hobart City Council for their contributions to the great track, and good on Peter DeGraves for starting it all back in the 1800’s. What a guy!

We wandered back along the other side of the Guy Fawkes Rivulet down Old Farm Road before taking a snack in the Cascade Brewery  Restaurant. The gardens and water features were a delight, we were almost tempted to do another brewery tour.

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Friday Forays March 2015


Friday Foray #5 Hobart Rivulet;  27 March 2015, one of the Greater Hobart Trails.

Walk: from Cascade Gardens to the city, and back.

Food: Brunch at Ginger Brown.

Andrew, Steve, Valeri and Bruni set out on one of the wettest autumn days imaginable. Suitably attired, only Bruni seemed to scorn any need for copious layers of wet weather gear. After a false start wandering about in the bush above Cascade Brewery we soon worked out rivulets flow DOWN so we retraced our steps and walked past the Female Factory to join up with the rivulet. (after dragging Steve away from the beautiful gabion walls). We went on through the Hobart Rivulet Park and walked under the Fruehauf Cliffs, a popular spot for rock climbing and bouldering that apparently sports challenges named Anaphalaxis, Suck Ethics and Plastic Erection to name but 3 of 20 interesting courses on the cliff face.

The Hobart Rivulet Track Map

The Hobart Rivulet Track Map

All set to go.

All set to go.

Hobart Rivulet

Hobart Rivulet

Old houses along the way.

Old houses along the way.

Steve envies the gabion wall

Steve envies the gabion wall

Gabion walls

Gabion walls

Andrew ponders the Hobart Rivulet

Andrew ponders the Hobart Rivulet

Matron's house at the Female Factory

Matron’s house at the Female Factory

Fruehauf Cliffs

Fruehauf Cliffs

The history of the area is explained in three signs found along the way, Leather & London, Swans & Snuff, Logs & Lager.

Logs and Lager - a history of the Hobart Rivulet

Logs and Lager – a history of the Hobart Rivulet

Swans and Snuff - a history of the Hobart Rivulet

Swans and Snuff – a history of the Hobart Rivulet

Leather and London - a history of the Hobart Rivulet

Leather and London – a history of the Hobart Rivulet

The rivulet changes along the way, one minute tumbling over boulders, the next washing overhanging foliage or rushing under a walkway. We walked by many interesting back yards, walls, beautiful autumn foliage and met other folk out and about in the fresh air. Brunch at Ginger Brown was well earned and quite delicious, even Bruni got a treat from Top Dog next door!

It was a great walk that started in rain and finished in sunshine – refuelled along the way by the fare at Ginger Brown.


Friday Foray #4 The Springs to Lenah Valley;  6 March 2015, one of the Greater Hobart Trails.

Walk: from The Springs to Lenah Valley.

Food: Picnic in Junction Cabin.

Sally, Rod, Brian, Steve, Roz and Valeri all set out from The Springs with Thyme and Bruni bounding around with excitement with us. What a wet miserable morning it started out as, but by the time we had prepared the car shuffle and actually started walking the rain had turned to mizzly mist and the sun had waved a watery hand in anticipation of better weather and so it turned out to be; quite warm by the time we arrived in Lenah Valley.

We walked along to Sphinx Rock and enjoyed the clearing view over Hobart, then looked back and up at the Organ Pipes. Next was Rock Cabin, then onto Lone Cabin before we stopped for lunch in Junction Cabin. Lunch of ham, greens, cheese, coffee, tea and chocolate – just the thing to spur us on to get back out and walk, urged on Bruny and Thyme who were rearing to get back out to explore the path. Slight detour down Farm Trail before taking the Lenah Valley track again to walk across the New Town Falls and down into the Lenah Valley. It is an easy walk with several different types of terrain – easy path, rocky bits, slight inclines, mossy walks – and it finishes on a little path over the New Town rivulet – just delightful. Roz and I walked on down to Lady Franklin Museum to catch a bus to the city so we enjoyed the sculptures along the way.

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Friday Forays February 2015


Friday Foray #3 Lenah Valley to The Springs;  20 February 2015, modelled on one of the Greater Hobart Trails.

Walk: from Top of Lenah Valley Road to The Springs Lookout on Mt Wellington.

Food: Picnic stop at Junction Cabin and at The Springs Lookout.

What a fabulous day for an 8km walk it turned out to be. No wind, no rain, just the right amount of sunshine – the perfect recipe to bushwalk around the eastern face of Mt Wellington. Starting out from the top of Lenah Valley Road I walked along the Lenah Valley Fire Trail until I branched off to the Lenah Valley Track for the New Town Falls – and this was almost the hardest part of the trail. Relentlessly uphill it was a pure delight to reach the falls and sit for a while as the water cascaded over the rock ledge.

Staying with the Lenah Valley Track I walked on until a junction with  Old Farm Fire Trail took me up to Junction Cabin. And this was the steepest part of the climb so coming across the Cabin was absolute joy.  Time to break out a snack with a cup of tea. The cabin is great and would be super shelter in poor weather.

From Junction Cabin I picked up the North-South Track and stayed with that right until The Springs. It crosses several different little microcosms of environment – dry sticky forest, scree boulders, rainforest – with vista peeks of the city and beyond. There are interesting cycle challenges for mountain bikers, wallaby, birds, skinks and some great pathways making some bits that much easier.

The scene from The Springs lookout is great, you see a lot more detail than that from the Pinnacle of Mt Wellington.

The sign indicated a 2 hour and 45 minute walk but it took me nearly 4 hours allowing for snack and water breaks, photography stops, rests and time to enjoy the scenery and detail around me. I thoroughly recommend the walk, and look forward to other Wellington Park walks. Perhaps I shall do the walk from Springs to Lenah Valley sticking to the Lenah Valley Track the entire way so I get to see Lone Cabin and Rock Cabin.

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Friday Forays January 2015


Determined to explore more areas of beautiful Tasmania, by foot, a small group of us venture out one or two Fridays per month to walk a part as yet unknown to us, followed by lunch and chat. Bodies and souls are nurtured. Sometimes the most unusual gems are hidden in the  most ordinary of places. The exploring is always rewarding.

Friday Foray #2 Truganini Track  30 January 2015, One of the Greater Hobart Trails.

Walk: from Cartwright Reserve to Signal Station Cafe on Mt Nelson.

Food: at Signal Station Cafe.

Four of us set out on what looked like quite a miserable weather day. As we left home rain was pelting down, skies were leaden but spirits were high. We parked in the Cartwright Reserve just off Sandy Bay road, donned the raincoats, hoods and boots, then armed with walking poles we set off. Immediately we were alongside a babbling stream looking at gorgeous foliage, edible fungi and listening to Common Bronzewing Pigeons. It was all UPHILL so we really enjoyed our brunch in the fabulous Signal Station Cafe before walking back down. The downhill walk gives time to enjoy the scenery over the Derwent and beyond. Luckily we didn’t encounter any proper rain altho’ there was a bit of mizzle now and again. But that was a good thing, it really brought out the colour in the foliage, bark, rocks and lichen along the way.


Friday Foray #1 New Town Rivulet  2 January 2015, Easy peasy lemon squeezy. One of the Greater Hobart Trails.

Walk: from Wellington Park to New Town Bay.

Food: at The Taste 2015.

Seven of us set out, leaving a vehicle at New Town Bay to ferry drivers back to Wellington Park to collect vehicles left at the starting point. What a great walk – babbling rivulet, milk factory, sculpture trail, parks, disused castle, interesting homes, alpacas, fellow walkers, fossils  (not us!), dogs, doors, follies, graffiti, great food at The Taste of Tasmania 2015.

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