I like to play with fibre. I have dabbled in Felting, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Crocheting, Tapestry Weaving, Loom knitting, Needle felting, Dyeing; it is all enormous fun. But my heart is in spinning & weaving, and I’ve spun quite a variety. Alpaca, Sheep, Musk Ox, Malamute, Huski, Rabbit, Possum; but alpaca is my fave. (could have something to do with the MOUNTAIN of alpaca fibre crammed into my work space). Next to spinning comes weaving, in fact most of my spun yarn hits the loom at some stage. Currently I am in twill mode and having a lot of fun with coloured warps and plain wefts in different twills.

How to Felt Boots Two at a Time. *** How I Prep Paca Fibre *** Weaving *** Dyeing *** Art Yarn ***

General Fibre Fun:

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