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I love my Library


Two things I have decided on this year,

  1. I will learn more about, and view, aurora. Living in Southern Tasmania I would be crazy to miss this astonishing and free nature show! So I joined the Facebook group Aurora Australis Tasmania and met two wonderful people on the first night I went out a’watching!
  2. I will catalogue my library of books to achieve several goals. Those goals are a) …..to clean my books and library shelves; b) …..to remind myself of those books that have been untouched for far too long; c) …..to put order where there was none; d) …..to make a list of re-reads and e) …..to cull.

Well I have made a start on the first, and am confident that throughout the year I will indeed view aurora.

I have COMPLETED a, b, c, and e of the second! It was a lot of fun rediscovering many of my much loved books. I usually write in the front cover┬áthe date and place I acquire a book, and so I have had a fantastic trip down memory lane. I have quite a selection to re-read, I managed to cull 32 books out of a remaining 534 books, and I really enjoyed exploring some of the artwork on the covers. And I re-enjoyed so many dedications – from personally known authors, from friends and family where the book was a gift, from the occasional book signing I attended. I encourage you, when gifting a book, to make it personal to the recipient, it gives again each time the book is opened and read. If you want to see my odd collection of books have a look here.

Some of the covers: