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Three Kayaks and Two Rivers


What a marvellous day. First thing in the morning I grabbed Zephyr and Zim and picked clean their fleeces. Both had managed to snare bark and small twigs in their quite fluffy coats and since shearing isn’t until December I could only imagine what a tangle we would find by then. The less VM (vegetable matter) we find in their gorgeous alpaca fleece the better. It also gives me a good chance to body score them and get a feel for their general well being.

Then into the studio to set up a weave for Campbell Town Show. But quite unexpectedly comes a call to join friends and put the kayaks in at Huonville.

Bliss, such fun to paddle with mates. Upstream we went, dodging the 4 raindrops to emerge into bright autumn sunshine. Nosing up into Mountain River we were soon blocked by logs and debris, but a beautiful little pool to pull up and enjoy a cuppa and sandwich. Such gorgeous clear water in Mountain river, straight off the slopes of Sleeping Beauty. Back into the tea-stained waters of the Huon river and on up to Ranelagh, enjoying the water birds and white faced herons, the screech of white cockatoos and plovers, the occasional splash of our paddles and the absolute silence when drifting. It was a great afternoon, and I don’t do it often enough!


Our Huon Home


Life is pretty good in the Huon Valley. We are nestled on the river bank and enjoy every season for its beauty, produce and climate. Autumn is especially colourful thanks to the previous owners who planted a variety of trees. After culling and cleaning the garden those trees really get to show off their special attributes.