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Weaving – at Poatina 2015


What a simply fabulous weekend I had with friends weaving in Poatina at the base of the Great Western Tiers in Tasmania. Originally a ‘hydro village’ the town is now owned by Fusion and provides a variety of community services to residents and tourists alike. It is a fabulous place for organisations to gather, easy to walk around from place to place, great accommodation and great food at The Chalet Motel. The staff at the village could not have been more helpful and friendly. And don’t forget the fabulous tea-rooms, art gallery and op shop.

Meeting fellow weavers on Friday we all gathered for dinner before venturing into the workshop space to hear Pat Jones tell us what to expect over the coming days. With Gerlinde’s ‘gophering help’ Pat led us thru crafting seersucker fabric and then towelling fabric using 4-shaft looms. When my loom had a catastrophic breakdown Gerlinde was at the ready with cord string and soon had me re-beamed and weaving in style.

An added bonus was sharing the village with the Quilter’s on their retreat, and enjoying their show’n’tell session.

I drove up via the Ashby and Macquarie roads off the Midland Highway, enjoying the company of wombats, echidnas, swooping birds of prey and deer, then chose the alternate route home via the Great Lakes and Bothwell. It made for a great journey loop. I am already looking forward to Poatina 2016!