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Friday Forays February 2015


Friday Foray #3 Lenah Valley to The Springs;  20 February 2015, modelled on one of the Greater Hobart Trails.

Walk: from Top of Lenah Valley Road to The Springs Lookout on Mt Wellington.

Food: Picnic stop at Junction Cabin and at The Springs Lookout.

What a fabulous day for an 8km walk it turned out to be. No wind, no rain, just the right amount of sunshine – the perfect recipe to bushwalk around the eastern face of Mt Wellington. Starting out from the top of Lenah Valley Road I walked along the Lenah Valley Fire Trail until I branched off to the Lenah Valley Track for the New Town Falls – and this was almost the hardest part of the trail. Relentlessly uphill it was a pure delight to reach the falls and sit for a while as the water cascaded over the rock ledge.

Staying with the Lenah Valley Track I walked on until a junction with  Old Farm Fire Trail took me up to Junction Cabin. And this was the steepest part of the climb so coming across the Cabin was absolute joy.  Time to break out a snack with a cup of tea. The cabin is great and would be super shelter in poor weather.

From Junction Cabin I picked up the North-South Track and stayed with that right until The Springs. It crosses several different little microcosms of environment – dry sticky forest, scree boulders, rainforest – with vista peeks of the city and beyond. There are interesting cycle challenges for mountain bikers, wallaby, birds, skinks and some great pathways making some bits that much easier.

The scene from The Springs lookout is great, you see a lot more detail than that from the Pinnacle of Mt Wellington.

The sign indicated a 2 hour and 45 minute walk but it took me nearly 4 hours allowing for snack and water breaks, photography stops, rests and time to enjoy the scenery and detail around me. I thoroughly recommend the walk, and look forward to other Wellington Park walks. Perhaps I shall do the walk from Springs to Lenah Valley sticking to the Lenah Valley Track the entire way so I get to see Lone Cabin and Rock Cabin.

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