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Woolfest 2013: Cockermouth, UK


What an opportunity, I was in the UK and able to attend Woolfest, two days of fibre overload showcasing crafts of all fibery persuasions. The train journey in itself was a lot of fun, scenery from Sussex to Cumbria via London, it really showed off some of the best UK has to offer.  HOURS of looking, asking, learning and drooling! I stayed at Higham Hall and enjoyed the company of other Woolfest attendees, with the staff of Higham Hall ferrying us to and from the event. I recommend the accommodation to future woolfesters.

What a delicious start to my Woolfest immersion

What a delicious start to my Woolfest immersion


Quilling next attracted me, what a great way to use old blankets and cloth.Natural dyesNatural dyeing, what an array of colours.

Fantastic crochet work

felt boots

Wonderful felted boots


Weavings of wonder.


Artistic scarf work


Wooden handbags, very usable, durable art!


Needle-felting was very popular, and the array of artwork was amazing.


Weaving for outdoors – one of the most popular workshops


10 breeds of sheep were on display, I think these were the Teeswaters. The Teeswater is a breed of sheep from Teesdale, United Kingdom. It is a longwool breed of sheep, which produces a generally large-diameter fibre.